First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Now that the consolation prize has been picked up, here’s third place for this year’s wine survivor, equipped with cozy sweaters to make those cold November nights bearable!

Oops I missed a Post and you caught it Prize:

This prize goes to Dale Scotton, who rightfully thought his team should still be in, as he watch’s every day and never noticed teammate Will Higgins …. getting the boot. Thanks to Dale, I realized we had never posted the Nov 28th video to Facebook, just YouTube…. So Dale’s team : Albino Wino’s was still out – but I gave him some Bear Flag Wine and Crazy socks for catching it! Watch him getting the prize here 🙂


Successfully Voted Yourself back in on the first day Prize:

Diane Stevenson successfully got herself voted back in on our very first day of Wine Survivor, but she was still kicked out on November 20th! :p. (First day contest – anyone who got’ 25 people to post a comment to the original fb video before I posted the next day’s video got a name back in the draw)

Consolation Prize:

Here is the consolation prize for our Wine Survivor, on November 27th – “Focused on Wine’ing” took the consolation prize when we drew Courtney’s name! It was a close race with 7 teams having only 1 member left to be kicked out! Congrats to our first set of Wine’ers!

(Sorry guys…. I lost the picture of the consolation prize)