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4 Feb

Baby It’s Cold Outside


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Grande Prairie the air is freezing

The view outside of Dominion Lending Centres on Feb 4th 2019- it’s so cold the air is frozen! Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside!

Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside to get a mortgage!

Here at HT Mortgage Group, part of Dominion Lending Centres in Grande Prairie, we understand. Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside to get a mortgage! Just call our office at (780) 513-6611. We are having a terrible coldsnap this week, Environment Canada even issued an Extreme cold warning for Northern Alberta. As I write this is it -36 C, but with Windchill it could dip as low at -47 C! Don’t risk getting frostbite, stay warm and call us from home!

Yes you can even send documents electronically!

Nowadays, you can send us payslips, T4’s, tax receipts and other income paperwork electronically. We use a secure documents portal to protect your confidential documents. You can ask your realtor to send over your purchase agreement and your MLS listing to us as well!

If you check out the Our Agents section, we have every one of our mortgage agent’s cell phone’s and email address’s listed, but just in case you don’t want to head over to another page to check them out here they are again:

Megan Lemay
Cell: 780-978-2060
Pamela Lobban
Cell: 780-831-9024 Web:
Gert Martens
Cell: 780-933-0109
Daina Stringer
Cell: 587-343-1612
Chanele Langevin
Kaitlyn Moore
Cell: 1-780-938-4366
Doria Zacharias
Cell: 780-933-7767
Darren Ward
Cell: 1-403-805-5322
Trevor Morris
Cell: 780-380-6247
Jillian Napen
Office: 780-513-6611
Jodi Scotton
Cell: 1-780-625-5037
Alycia Larocque

Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside when it’s this cold!

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm – and we do have staff who are here, braving the cold everyday – if you like going outside in this weather. Our Keurig is ready to serve hot coffee to any intrepid customers who do visit us today!

Jill the office manager at HT Mortgage Group in Grande Prairie, goes outside even when it’s cold – here she is at O’brien park with a friend collecting snowflakes/ Litter from the trail.