1 May

Quick Intro- Jodi Scotton Grande Prairie Mortgage Agent


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Jodi Scotton Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker

Jodi has been helping families get their dream homes for over 10 years now. Previously Jodi was a Scotiabanker, and this industry insider knowledge will walk you through purchasing or refinancing your next home, easily and seamlessly.

“I grew up in Peace River, moved to Grande Prairie in 2014, this is my market. I understand what it’s like living in the peace and getting financing up here in Northern Alberta. With my expert advice I’ll make your home purchase simple.

My husband Dale and I have been married for 10 years with our beautiful little Izzy. I always look forward to warm Summer Months when we can spend time outside having BBQ’s and fires with family and friends.

I look forward to meeting with you and your family, giving you the ability to buy your newest dream home.”

Give Jodi a call today, and walk into your dream home tomorrow!  

2 Apr

Daina Stringer – April 2018 Spring Clean here in Grande Prairie

Daina Stringer

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Daina Stringer, our mortgage associate of the week gives us mortgage tips for spring in Grande Prairie:

Jill – Daina springs just around the corner, have you been noticing an increase in people looking for mortgages?

Daina –Yes!! We definitely have. Spring is always a good time to start looking.

Jill – Well any tips for people here in Grande Prairie who are looking to purchase a home this spring? What can they do to make everything go smoothly?

Daina –Save for your down payment, pay down debt and file your taxes to make your financing a smooth process.

Jill – Any big plans for spring this year? Ready to clean all that clutter?

Daina- No big plans since this is a busy time of year for those of us in the mortgage industry, but it is a great time to paint that room, clean up your yard or simply do some Spring cleaning.

Daina Stringer Dominion Lending Centres HT Mortgage Groups associate of the week! She makes moving in the spring easy, so give our office a call today to start your spring move!

Our office: 780-513-6611
Daina’s Cell: 587-343-1612

26 Mar

Chanele discuss’s Fixed vs Variable mortgage rates

Chanele Langevin

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This week Chanele Langevin is our broker of the week here in Grande Prairie at the Dominion Lending Centres HT Mortgage Group. Here she is to answer your questions!

Should I go with a Fixed Rate or a Variable Rate on my mortgage?

Well, let’s talk about each type of mortgage in a little more depth.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a fixed rate mortgage?

Your interest rate and your mortgage payments won’t change until it’s time to renew your mortgage. The security and comfort of knowing your payments won’t change is valuable to many people. That said, you will likely pay a slightly higher premium to enjoy that peace of mind and, in the event of contract disruption, your penalties may be steeper.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a variable rate mortgage?

The interest rates offered by variable rate mortgages are typically lower; however, there is no guarantee that your rate won’t change. Therefore, you might save money on interest but that’s not a certainty as rates are unpredictable. That said, keep in mind that your interest rate can often be locked at a fixed rate at any time during your term.

Essentially, your choice to lock in a fixed rate or gamble and take the chance to save thousands of dollars in interest is a personal preference. Your main concern should be: how comfortable am I with uncertainty, and what does my budget allows if the rate floats?

And that is why we’re here! We guide and inform our valued customers so you get the best mortgage product for your family’s needs.

Chanele Langevin, Mortgage Agent
Dominion Lending Centres Ht Mortgage Group
101 10001 100 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB

2 Mar

Chanele Langevin – Get to know your mortgage agent

Chanele Langevin

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Chanele Langevin- Get to know your mortgage agent

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, I moved to Grande Prairie at the age of 18 seeking new experiences and challenges. After my first year in Alberta, I enrolled in the Grande Prairie Regional College with the business department. After 5 years of late nights and hard work, I was a proud graduate of a Business Management Bachelor's Degree. My professional experience has always revolved around customer service from my first job at age 13 to this day. With a background in sales and finance, it only seemed like a natural transition to jump in the intriguing world of mortgage financing. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and wine-tasting. I also regularly practice yoga and I make it a personal goal to volunteer as much as I can.

As a new member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta, I recently joined Dominion Lending Centres as a Mortgage Agent. This position comes after launching a career in the automotive industry. In my new role, I will serve as a financial expert to explore financing options for real estate purchases and refinancing. As my main task, I will assist you in negotiating with lenders while representing buyers in the residential and commercial market. I also recently enrolled in a mentorship program that focuses on developing my expertise in the mortgage industry.

Give me a call today and get pre-approved for your next home!


Chanele Langevin of Grande Prairie

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