Baby It’s Cold Outside

General 4 Feb

Grande Prairie the air is freezing

The view outside of Dominion Lending Centres on Feb 4th 2019- it’s so cold the air is frozen! Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside!

Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside to get a mortgage!

Here at HT Mortgage Group, part of Dominion Lending Centres in Grande Prairie, we understand. Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside to get a mortgage! Just call our office at (780) 513-6611. We are having a terrible coldsnap this week, Environment Canada even issued an Extreme cold warning for Northern Alberta. As I write this is it -36 C, but with Windchill it could dip as low at -47 C! Don’t risk getting frostbite, stay warm and call us from home!

Yes you can even send documents electronically!

Nowadays, you can send us payslips, T4’s, tax receipts and other income paperwork electronically. We use a secure documents portal to protect your confidential documents. You can ask your realtor to send over your purchase agreement and your MLS listing to us as well!

If you check out the Our Agents section, we have every one of our mortgage agent’s cell phone’s and email address’s listed, but just in case you don’t want to head over to another page to check them out here they are again:

Megan Lemay
Cell: 780-978-2060
Pamela Lobban
Cell: 780-831-9024 Web:
Gert Martens
Cell: 780-933-0109
Daina Stringer
Cell: 587-343-1612
Chanele Langevin
Kaitlyn Moore
Cell: 1-780-938-4366
Doria Zacharias
Cell: 780-933-7767
Darren Ward
Cell: 1-403-805-5322
Trevor Morris
Cell: 780-380-6247
Jillian Napen
Office: 780-513-6611
Jodi Scotton
Cell: 1-780-625-5037
Alycia Larocque

Call us from home, you don’t have to go outside when it’s this cold!

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm – and we do have staff who are here, braving the cold everyday – if you like going outside in this weather. Our Keurig is ready to serve hot coffee to any intrepid customers who do visit us today!

Jill the office manager at HT Mortgage Group in Grande Prairie, goes outside even when it’s cold – here she is at O’brien park with a friend collecting snowflakes/ Litter from the trail.




Alberta Mortgage Rates Jan 30th, 2019

Latest News 31 Jan

January 28th Mortgage Rates in Alberta - Best Alberta Mortgage Rates

Our best mortgage rates for Grande Prairie, Alberta during the week of Jan 28th, 2019

Megan and Pam’s 10th anniversary

It’s always exciting when we hit a milestone! This week we published the January 28th Mortgage Rates in Alberta and both Megan Lemay and Pamela Lobban have been with HT Mortgage Group for 10 years! We dropped the rate on our 7 year mortgage to celebrate! (Lol well no – we can’t control how lenders price mortgage rates, but it dropped anyway!)

7 year mortgage rate dropped to 3.64%

I’d also like to point out that 7 year fixed mortgage rate – it’s very tempting! Recently lenders have been dropping rates little by little, but for the security of knowing exactly what I’d pay for the next 7 years I would be tempted by that 3.64%.

Of course when you choose to lock in a mortgage for 7 years there are a couple of things you should consider:

  • Will I actually live in my house for 7 years? (There is a penalty to break a 7 year term)
  • Am I sure I won’t want to refinance my house to fund reno’s in the next 7 years?
  • Will I qualify for the lowest rate? (You might need better credit than you currently have)

In conclusion, although 7 year rates provide a lot of security… they are really only suitable for you if you are very settled and content with the home you live in.

January 28th Mortgage Rates in Alberta

Did you know when you go to a national search engine like ratehub or ratefinder – they will show rates that may not be available to you? Maybe you need to live in a Large center like Calgary or Edmonton to qualify, or maybe that  rate just doesn’t like contract income. It’s always better to search mortgage rates with a local company who knows what lenders will accept in your local community – because yes, the do change how they treat borrowers depending on where you live in Canada!

Give us a call today (780) 513-6611 to discuss what mortgage works best for you!

2019 Grande Prairie's Best mortgage Brokers

Celebrating 10 years – HT Mortgage Group has been part of Dominion Lending Centres for 10 years now!

When you want an experienced Grande Prairie Alberta Mortgage Broker for 2019 call Megan or Pam from HT Mortgage Group at 780-513-6611

January 2019 Megan and Pam have been with HT Mortgage Group for 10 years now!


Latest News 26 Oct


With the Bank of Canada in a mood to raise rates, it’s a similar feeling for the bond market, which impacts fixed rates. In every interest-rate market there are many factors leading to an increase and we are hoping to provide a little bit of clarity on what is happening and what it means to you and your loved ones. We tell you this in advance to be proactive to take care of you, as our mortgage family, so as you hear the news about the changes you have comfort we are here to lead with clarity.

At this time, we see fixed rates increasing as the bond market increases.

Why do we note this information and how does it relate to you?


If you are in a variable rate, you will want to:

  1. Review your lock-in options by contacting us or your lender directly (every lender has different policies in allowing us to help or not). Knowing it’s unlikely the prime rate will reduce and fixed rates are on the rise, there could be a sweet spot to review your options now.
  2. If you decide not to lock in, it’s time to review your discount to see if a higher one can be obtained elsewhere.

Locking in won’t be for everyone, especially if you are making higher payments and your mortgage is below $300,000, which most people fit and will continue on that path. Also if your discount is more than .6 below prime you may want to wait and watch the market. Locking in will be around a 1% higher rate than you are likely presently paying. If knowing you can likely lock in around 4% now is most attractive to you, this may be your time.

If you are in a fixed rate:

  1. If you obtained your mortgage in the last year, stay put.
  2.  If you are looking to move up the property ladder or consolidate debt, get your application in to us ASAP so we can hold options for up to 120 days.
  3. If you are up for renewal this year or know someone who is, secure your options now with us to weight out the savings prior to renewal with us keeping a watchful eye on the market.

Keep in mind that if you or someone you care about has an average mortgage of $350,000 and got it a few years ago at 2.49% now a qualified applicant can expect about 3.89% which is a payment increase of $254 dollars a month, so increasing your payment now will protect your equity, and you from future payment shock.

Please reach out to a Dominion Lending Centres mortgage professional so we can help ensure you or a loved is on the right path in our ever changing market.

Angela Calla


Dominion Lending Centres – Accredited Mortgage Professional
Angela is part of DLC Angela Calla Mortgage Team based in Port Coquitlam, BC.