• Winner of DLC’s 2018 “Sales Achievement Award”

 I moved here with a French background and was looking primarily to learn English to pursue my post-secondary studies in a second language. After my first year in Alberta, I enrolled in Athabasca’s business department. After 5 years of late nights and hard work, I was a proud graduate of a Business Management Bachelor’s Degree. My professional experience has always revolved around customer service from my first job at age 13 to this day. I worked 4 years as a sales associate moving up to assistant sales manager for a local auto group. I remained in the top 2 sales associates for my entire journey with the Revolution Auto Group. I’ve learned tremendous amount of sales skills which are serving me today: prospecting, following up and closing deals.


After 4 years in the auto industry, with a background in sales and finance, it only seemed like a natural transition to jump in the world of mortgage financing. I was offered an outstanding mentorship with Gert Martens at Dominion Lending Centres, HT Mortgage Group here in Grande Prairie. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. As they say:

“Surround yourself with winners and soon you’ll become one”(Aspiring Millionaires).

Gert is a superstar in the mortgage industry so I thought this mentorship can only make me a better business women.

I decided to leave the auto group on September 15th, 2017. November 15th 2017, I was licensed and ready to rock!

I closed my first year as a broker with tremendous success.  I am proud to be part of “the blue team” and I am looking forward to funding even more homes in Grande Prairie for 2019.

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P.S. My husband has a landscaping company, once you’ve got your new home – why not think about a yard reno?