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25 Apr

Doria Zacharias talks about using a vehicle allowance. (Peace Country Pay)

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Doria Zacharias is our mortgage agent of the week!
Send us an email at to ask her your mortgage related questions!

Doria has been with Dominion Lending Centres doing mortgages
for about 3 years now. Her rich history in the oil and gas sector helps her get financing approved fast for her oil and gas clients.

Here’s a question from Marc:

Marc – Doria, the company I work for pays me a vehicle allowance for using my truck. My bank recently told me that this income is not usable on my mortgage application. Is this true? It adds an extra $700 on my paycheck each month. Also, can I use my day pay for when I stay in camp?

Doria – Well Marc different lenders have different policy’s. Although your bank may not be able to use the income you get from a vehicle allowance, I have access to over 230 different lenders some of which do allow me to use vehicle allowance and day pay. A little extra income can make a big difference in how much house you get approved for. Thanks for giving such a great question!

Here’s another question we had sent in:

Bertha – My house needs a new roof, can I get an extra $24,000 when I renew my home?

Doria – Yes, getting extra money out when we renew your home can be done. To do a renewal plus renovations, you should bring in a contractor quote showing how much the work will cost. From there we verify your income and send an appraiser out to estimate your home’s value when renovations are complete. Just make sure not to change your mind about what renovation you’re doing once we get approved! These renovation applications are only for getting your targeted renovation done!

Doria Zacharias, our mortgage agent of the week!
Give our office a call at (780) 513-6611 or try her cell at (780) 933-7767

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