Surving Teams Wine Survivor 2019 Grande Prairie

When a name is crossed off, you have been kicked off the Wine Survivor! When your team’s name is also crossed off, all four members of the team are out! You can earn immunities for your team this year, and use them before noon the next day when you’ve been kicked off. (Read the fine print – lol this is our first year with immunities so there are ways to use them and ways to earn them!)

We are starting to collect new names for the 2019 Grande Prairie Wine Survivor on September 4th 2019!

Entry Forms!  and Fine Print 


 Cork Soakers                                       I don’t know you pick 🙂                                        House of Cards

Kevin Szakacs -5                                        Tara Malmsten -1

Larry Love -6                                              Jim MacCoubrey -2

Chad Mccarthy -7                                      Wendy Szakacs -3

Darrel Gunderson -8                                Samantha Way -4


Texas Drinkers                                    Winetastic