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Alberta Mortgage Rates Jan 30th, 2019

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January 28th Mortgage Rates in Alberta - Best Alberta Mortgage Rates

Our best mortgage rates for Grande Prairie, Alberta during the week of Jan 28th, 2019

Megan and Pam’s 10th anniversary

It’s always exciting when we hit a milestone! This week we published the January 28th Mortgage Rates in Alberta and both Megan Lemay and Pamela Lobban have been with HT Mortgage Group for 10 years! We dropped the rate on our 7 year mortgage to celebrate! (Lol well no – we can’t control how lenders price mortgage rates, but it dropped anyway!)

7 year mortgage rate dropped to 3.64%

I’d also like to point out that 7 year fixed mortgage rate – it’s very tempting! Recently lenders have been dropping rates little by little, but for the security of knowing exactly what I’d pay for the next 7 years I would be tempted by that 3.64%.

Of course when you choose to lock in a mortgage for 7 years there are a couple of things you should consider:

  • Will I actually live in my house for 7 years? (There is a penalty to break a 7 year term)
  • Am I sure I won’t want to refinance my house to fund reno’s in the next 7 years?
  • Will I qualify for the lowest rate? (You might need better credit than you currently have)

In conclusion, although 7 year rates provide a lot of security… they are really only suitable for you if you are very settled and content with the home you live in.

January 28th Mortgage Rates in Alberta

Did you know when you go to a national search engine like ratehub or ratefinder – they will show rates that may not be available to you? Maybe you need to live in a Large center like Calgary or Edmonton to qualify, or maybe that  rate just doesn’t like contract income. It’s always better to search mortgage rates with a local company who knows what lenders will accept in your local community – because yes, the do change how they treat borrowers depending on where you live in Canada!

Give us a call today (780) 513-6611 to discuss what mortgage works best for you!

2019 Grande Prairie's Best mortgage Brokers

Celebrating 10 years – HT Mortgage Group has been part of Dominion Lending Centres for 10 years now!

When you want an experienced Grande Prairie Alberta Mortgage Broker for 2019 call Megan or Pam from HT Mortgage Group at 780-513-6611

January 2019 Megan and Pam have been with HT Mortgage Group for 10 years now!

16 Jan

Winter is here! Get a worry free mortgage!


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This time of year, there are a few less mortgage’s being done- not many people want to move into a new home in the snow. But if you want to get a worry free mortgage done in Grande Prairie, this is a great time to be shopping.

Scope out those potential neighbourhoods – how many snow shovels?

  • Will my new neighbours shovel their driveways?
  • Are there any super nice people on the street willing to snow-blow my sidewalk?
  • Can I walk around safely?
  • Are they using salt, sand or kitty litter to de-ice the walk?
  • How far is this house located from a bus route or major traffic route that will get plowed first when we have a lot of snow?

My top tip? Scope out that neighbourhood right after it snows – compare early morning snow levels to slightly after work snow levels. In some neighbourhoods like Hillcrest here in Grande Prairie, you can drive around and count how many people have shovels ready near their front door.

And if you closely examine sidewalks, try looking right between two homes – this can tell you if two people shoveled at different times – or if that super nice multiple driveway shoveler exists in this neighbourhood! That’s what I call a worry free mortgage!

What? You need more than just good neighbours with shovel’s to have a worry free mortgage?

You want the best interest rate, or to confirm that you’ve got a mortgage that let’s you pay it off faster? Well a local mortgage broker will help with that.  Give us a call to get those details in place! But really guys – in 2018 Grande Prairie had 49 inches of snow in December and another 49 inches of snow in March – trust me – a worry free mortgage is all about the snow shovels.

Article by Jillian – Doesn’t own a snowblower – Napen

Office Manager , HT Mortgage Group

Or good neighbours who own a snowplow

Snow shovels are the key to a worry free mortgage in Grande Prairie

4 Jan


Mortgage Tips

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Reverse Mortgages are available in Grande Prairie too!

A few years ago, I met with my Home Equity Bank representative. He was trying to encourage me to go visit my financial adviser referral partners to offer the Chip Reverse Mortgage product. I explained that I did not know anyone who had a reverse mortgage so it was hard to promote to financial advisers or anyone.

I asked him to tell me a success story and he came back with a great one that ticked most of the boxes. A couple in their mid-70s had met with a financial adviser to go over their portfolio and financial situation. They wanted to sell some of their investments to get a little cash.

What the adviser saw troubled him. The couple had about $200 a month left over after they paid for their bills and groceries. What’s more , they were driving a 20-year-old car, their home needed repairs and they hadn’t been on a vacation in years. It was a classic case of house rich, cash poor.

The adviser contacted Home Equity Bank and they appraised the house. The couple were eligible for $200,000 based on the value of their home. They took this money and the adviser invested a little more than half in funds that would provide them with $1100 a month in income. They took $25,000 and bought a new car, did some repairs to their home and took a vacation. They took the balance and used it to help out their grandchildren with university with tuition. With one move, they were able to increase their cash flow, make their home more comfortable, do repairs, enjoy their retirement and help out family.

Now that it’s fall and the spring home-buying rush is over, perhaps it’s time for you Dominion Lending Centres mortgage brokers out there to see if you can help out another segment of the population. Contact your financial adviser partners, your certified Seniors Real Estate Specialists and past clients with elderly parents. There are a lot more people out there that could use your help.

David Cooke


Dominion Lending Centres – Accredited Mortgage Professional
David is part of DLC Clarity Mortgages in Calgary, AB.