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Wine Survivor 2018 – Starting the Campaign

Wine Survivor

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Wine Survivor 2018 – Starting the Campaign

2018’s Grande Prairie Wine Survivor – Ht Mortgage group is doing our annual fundraiser the Wine Survivor for a new cause. Our Goal? To purchase skates and helmets for Children in Grande Prairie and area.

Q: Where can I get an entry form?

A: Right here 🙂

Q: In other years hasn’t the wine survivor gone to the bike for kids fund?

A: Yes, but we wanted to make a bigger difference. The thing with bikes is only a few kids get to enjoy them, and not even right away. Skates are a healthy outdoor winter activity that they can use right away! And we can buy more pairs of skates than we can bikes, so more kids benefit!

Q: I like the name wine survivor, what does it mean?

A: Well every team donating has 4 slots. Starting November 12th, each day we draw names of all the participants. When your name is drawn, you’ve been kicked off wine island. When all 4 of your teammates names have been drawn, your team is out of the running. The final teams to survive on wine island win!

Q: Wine Island?

A: Well it’s a nice visual. Maybe I’ll get a YouTube video going casting people off.

Q: How much of the wine-raiser proceeds goes to the kids?

A: This is a 50/50 style draw. 50% of the proceeds go into buying skates and helmets, and the other 50% is going into wine.

Q: What type of wine?

A: I’m easily influenced. Send me an email with suggestions on your favorite labels to htmortgagegroup@dominionlending.ca I know a couple of contest’s have been lobbying for unique label’s and more expensive wine’s… but sometimes a big mass of stuff looks good too.

Q: Buy how much wine could my team get if we win?

So the first team kicked off wine island will get 10% of the wine, and the last team kicked off will get half the wine. That leaves 25% and 15% for 2nd and third place teams.

Q: But Roughly how much?

A: Well last year we ended with 42 teams so thats…. $2100 towards wine – hmmmm – that’s a lot of wine. The real numbers will depend on the type of wine we go with. Local fruit and honey wines? Rare wines? Top Label Wines?

Q: Skates for the kids?

A: Ultimately these skates are going to end up at the Salvation Army to distribute to kids and family’s in need around Grande Prairie.

Q: I don’t like wine, can I still participate?

A: Yes! Just let us know that you want your money to go directly to skates and it will. 100% of it.

Q: Where do I get my entry forms?

A: Right here 🙂


Interview with Jill Napen, Office Manager at Dominion Lending Centers Ht Mortgage Group in Grande Prairie

More Questions? Give her a call at (780) 513-6611