Our Wine Survivor for 2019 will start kicking people off Wine Island on October 7th!

Entry Form and rules in a pdf format for printing

How it Works

Enter a team of 4 for your chance to win wine! 50% of your entry fee will allow you to participate plus will cover the cost of the wine. The other 50% of your entry fee will go to the Grande Prairie Public School District Education Foundation's Nutrition Progam. (Support local schools here in Grande Prairie!)

Don’t have a team or 4? No problem! Sign up individually and we will place you on a team.

In true Survivor style, you team's goal is to be the sole survivor. Everyday we will draw names out of a bin and kick your competitors off of Wine Island. Each team has four members, so as long as one member of your team makes it to the end your team has a chance of taking home all the Wine.

Win Wine Grande Prairie 2019

Grande Prairie Wine Survivor 2019 - Entries Start September 4th, 2019


Grande Prairie Wine Survivor 2019 Poster - we've got extra if you want to hand them out!

How to Play

To be entered, each team member must complete the attached registration form and pay the entry fee of $30.00. ($120 for each team). You are welcome to participate with as many teams as you wish in order to increase your chances of winning!

Another good way to increase your chances? Grab an extra immunity or 2 for your team! (See below for a more detailed explaination of gaining immunity!)

The Elimination Process

All names registered will be placed in a bin. Teams members are eliminated one by one, but your team survives as long as one of you remains.  The last team with a survivor on Wine Island Wins! Watch our draws on facebook each day, and comment on our video's to activate an immunity for your team. Draws will occur daily until we have a sole survivor. Reminder: You may join as many teams as you wish and your name will be entered once for each team you are on. Follow us on facebook at @htmortgage to see who survives on Wine Island each day.

Getting an Immunity

There are two ways to get immunity for your team this year. Each team can win a maxium of 2 immunity's for their team. Any player on the team can activate the immunity to save themselves. Immunity's can only be earned before we start drawing names on October 4th, 2019 - and they cannot be used once there are less than 7 teams remaining.

The first method is to refer teams.

If your team is responsible for getting two other teams to join the Wine Survivor, we will give your team one immunity. (The other team needs to give you credit on the sign-up form, but if you join more than one team, you can give your original team credit for getting you to sign up again.)

The second way to get immunity is a little more complicated.

  1. Find one of our Wine Survivor Post's. It can be a shared post or one directly on our page.
  2. Comment with your "teams name" and "immunity" ( Eg: "All for Wine" is going for immunity!)
  3. Get 15 of your friends to like your comment.
  4. Watch out! There is only one immunity idol available per post, so if another person comments with their own team name and get's more likes than you... they win the immunity idol!
  5. You have to get more than 15 likes within 36 hours of the post being shared or created.
  6. Let "Dominion Grande Prairie" know when you've got a comment that might win you immunity.

How to Use your Immunity

On weekdays we will be posting a video showing who's been kicked off Wine Island. If you have an immunity....

  1. You watch our post and realize that you've been kicked off the Island.
  2. You comment on the post " No! Team "SOMETHING ReALLY CREATIVE" still has an immunity! I'm using it!
  3. You comment before noon, the day after your name has been drawn.
  4. We restore you status as a survivor on Wine Island.

You team can have a maxium of 2 immunity's, and any member of your team can use them. They are not useable once there are less than 7 teams surviving. Immunity's are also not available during sudden death rounds. (First Sudden death round is October 16th, we will keep drawing names until one team has been kicked out. Second Sudden Death Round is October 30th, we will keep drawing names until there are only two teams remaining for the final draw on November 1st.) However... you team can be strategic. Will you save the first person off to keep as many members in as possible... or wait to save the sole survivor?


  • 1st Place get's 50% of the Wine!
  • 2nd Place get's 25% of the Wine
  • 3rd Place get's 15% of the Wine
  • Consolation Prize: First Team out of the Running get's 10% of the Wine!
  • Early Bird Draw - Have you team entries to us before September 20th, and you'll be eligible for the Early Bird Draw! Guess what the prize is? Wine!
  • Ocassional extra bottles of Wine! Sometimes we will give the first person kicked off the island a bottle of Wine. There's no telling how often this will happen!

Last Day to Enter:

All entries must be in by the end of the day on October 4th, 2019. You should have your entry form in by September 20th to qualify for the early bird draw. The elimination process will begin on Monday Oct 7, 2019. Draw dates will happen on Weekdays between October 7th to November 1st. There will be a sudden death round on October 16th where we will draw names until a team has been kicked off survivor island. On October 30th another sudden death round will draw names until only two teams are surviving.  The first and second placed teams will be drawn on November 1st, 2019.

More Questions?

Detailed Rules

1)You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the Wine Survivor and willing to drive to Grande Prairie, Alberta to pick up your prizes.

2) Beginning on September 4, 2019, teams or individuals can enter the wine survivor contest. The entry period will end on October 4th, 2019. Our Draw will start on October 7th, and the Winning team will be announced on November 5th, 2019! In a survivor style draw, each day we will drawing names and elmininating survivors from "Wine Island" Once all four members of your team have been drawn, you've been kicked out! First Team out will win a consolation prize, and the last 3 teams that survive to the end take home the Wine!

3) A team is made up of four survivors. This year teams can gain up to 2 immunities. Cost per survivor is $30, so a team of 4 people with be $120. 50% of all money donated with go towards buying wine, the other 50% will be donated to the GPPSD's Education Foundation. (A local charity supporting nutrition in 18 schools around Grande Prairie. You can enter as an individual and we will assign you to a team. You can send e-transfer’s and entry forms to Office@dlcgp.ca

4) First Method to gain Immunity – Between now to September 30th -If you comment “immunity” and your “teams name” on one of our wine survivor post’s and get at least 15 people to “like” your comment. Conditions apply! If two people comment immunity on the same post the one who get’s the highest number of likes wins. All likes must happen with 36 hours of the post being made or shared. Make sure that “Dominion Grande Prairie” or @htmortgage knows which post is close to getting a free Immunity!

Second Way to gain Immunity – If you team is given credit by two other teams for referring them to enter the wine survivor –Your team will gain a immunity!  Maximum of 2 immunities per team.

6) How to use immunity. If your name was kicked out of the wine Survivor you must comment on the original video posted on our facebook page @htmortgage before noon the next day with your team’s name and that you are using your immunity. Anyone on your team can activate the team’s immunity idols. Immunity is no longer usable when there are less than 7 teams remaining. Maximum of two immunity’s per team. You can be on multiple teams, and you can use one of your own team’s to refer another team that you are on. Individuals who say they have been referred by a team are worth ¼ of an immunity per individual entry.

7) The amount of wine to be won will be determined based on the number of entrants who purchase entry tickets during the Entry Period. 50% of proceeds will be used to purchase Wine.

1st Prize 50% of the Wine

2nd Place 25% of Wine

3rd Place 15% of Wine

First Team out 10% of the Wine as a consolation prize

We will be having an Early Bird Draw and giving a bottle of wine away on September 20th for survivors who entered teams early.

8) You agree to fill out an entry form with contact methods to reach your team captain at, and are aware that Dominion Grande Prairie may try to friend you to message you if your name has been drawn. The best method to tell who’s surviving is to watch our video’s!

9) Check if your team is still in the running by visiting www.dlchtmortgagegroup.ca/franchise/wine-survivor . Winning Teams will be notified on facebook when they have won!

10) Winners are responsible for coming in to pick up their Wine at our office in downtown Grande Prairie. Any wine not picked up by January 15th, 2020 may be used as a prize towards our next Wine Survivor.

Wine Survivor Entry Form