What does it cost to use a Grande Prairie Mortgage Expert?

Dirt Cheap? Our Services are Free!

Here at Ht Mortgage Group from your first meeting, right until you sign your mortgage - our services are free! So what's the total cost of using a Grande Prairie Mortgage Expert? We ask for some of your time, paperwork and attention to help you as efficiently as possible, but getting your mortgage done right and saving money is worth it!

How Can You Afford to Do this for Free in Grande Prairie?

Our services are paid for by the financial institution we place you with. As professional's we have a fiduciary duty to act in our clients best interest, and that's in finding you a mortgage with the best terms, with the right lender to match all your needs!

Do you have exceptions?

The first exception-  we may charge a fee is for incredibly challenging credit solutions, and this is when you want a professional who can help, even when your bank here in Grande Prairie has said no. When the bank says "No" HT Mortgage Group can say "Yes". Sometimes this does require more time, if your mortgage situation is challenging due to "Damaged Credit" sometimes the solution can be slow, and take a bit of effort on your part. But here in Grande Prairie, we do have access to tools that will improve your situation, just give us your trust, time and cooperation.

What about Commercial Mortgage in Grande Prairie?

If you are planning to do a commercial mortgage you should know that the upfront expense's and amount of paperwork required can vary extensively from situation to situation. The commercial mortgage market is very different from the residential market! For a commercial mortgage you may be required to pay for business appraisal's or valuations, so we can't say that getting a commercial mortgage is entirely free. Here in Grande Prairie we can help you get a commercial mortgage, so give us a call and let our experts guide your journey through the commercial mortgage market.

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