Do You Take the Quick Route for Your Grande Prairie Mortgage Renewals?

Do you just sign your mortgage renewal papers and send them back to the lender? This can cost you thousands of dollars a year, living in Grande Prairie or any other part of Canada – let’s say Valleyview. Your mortgage renewal is important, this isn’t something you can afford to take the quick and simple route with!

Personal Experience here – sometimes the banks don’t send very good rates to their renewal clients, because they can make a lot of money off people who don’t take time to review their options!

Plan to Negotiate on Your Grande Prairie Mortgage Renewal, Or Hire a Professional to Negotiate for You

If you live in Hythe,  (Or GP!) as homeowner do not accept the banks first offer.  You get the best rate by negotiating, and negotiating hard, or by hiring a professional mortgage agent to negotiate on your Grande Prairie renewal for you.

The secret to strong negotiation for your mortgage renewal?  Start shopping for a new term 4-6 months before your mortgage here in Grande Prairie expires. Be aware of when your mortgage will expire – mark it on the calendar – have apps or gmail send you reminders. (Hopefully your using the same program a few years from now.) Some lenders know that you will be shopping, and they try to avoid negotiation by not letting you know your mortgage is up for renewal until it’s too late to do anything. So track your mortgage on your own, so that you can have plenty of time to shop for your Grande Prairie mortgage renewal.

Don’t wait for your lender to renew your mortgage, have a local licensed mortgage agent from HT Mortgage Group of Grande Prairie shop/negotiate for you. Let us amaze you!

Your Mortgage is one of Your biggest Expense’s in Grande Prairie, or anywhere

 So always aim to have the right mortgage with the correct terms, better rate and amazing advice or down payment options.   Shop around come renewal time to save ton’s over the life of your mortgage. Don’t be part of the 60% who  sign a renewal letter without ever checking. Use our services here at HT Mortgage Group in Grande Prairie for all your Grande Prairie Mortgage Renewals to  ensure that someone’s in your corner come renewal time!