Trust a National Site to know mortgage rules for your little town?

Did you know that a lot of sites like or CanWise Financial post rates that aren’t available here in Grande Prairie? We are a smaller market, and some Canadian lenders aren’t as comfortable in Northern Alberta.  In fact some lenders change their stance on dealing with us based on market conditions. Trust us to know which lenders are dependable in Grande Prairie’s market. When you choose a Grande Prairie Mortgage expert, you are getting someone who know’s our Northern Alberta market inside out, and knows which mortgage company’s and financial institutions actually want to do business here! We have 9 mortgage agents who are local to Grande Prairie, Peace River, La Crete, Debolt, Calgary and even Edmonton so they understand Northern Alberta Market conditions.  Give our office in downtown Grande Prairie a call! (780) 513-6611

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“Three Best rated” Awarded and Ranked us on the Grande Prairie Site this year! is an independent site that helps borrowers find trusted professionals in your community. We are very proud that they have chosen HT Mortgage Group to be listed on their site for Grande Prairie for both 2018 and 2019!

What does a mortgage broker do in Grande Prairie?

We work for you, to get you the best mortgage available in Grande Prairie. Instead of trusting the rate a national bank gives you, we shop banks, credit unions and private lenders that finance homes here in Grande Prairie, or even La Crete! (Fairview, Hythe, Debolt, Peace River, Calgary, Edmonton, Valleyview)

Can you tell me which lenders are best if I want to get a rental property?

I’m glad you asked. How a lender calculates rental income can vary tremendously from lender to lender. Read more about the benefits of using a broker instead of a bank for calculating rental income here.

What if I want to build a new home and get it financed?

Getting a new home designed and built is an exciting process! It can also be a long process if you don’t plan out exactly what your new home should look like with your builder. Go here to review a detailed breakdown and some local tips from our brokers on getting a new construction mortgage approved here in Grande Prairie.

When it comes to your new home builds, don’t rush it! Bring us your builders purchase contract onece you’ve settled every detail, including all your finishings. You’ll have to live with your new home a long time, so make sure your satisfied!

Who needs to choose a Grande Prairie Mortgage expert?

Well anyone who lives in Northern Alberta should use a local broker. If you’re purchasing a home for the first time, taking out equity from your home for investment or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal, it’s important that you are making an educated buying decision with professional advice from people who know what works here in Grande Prairie (Or La Crete). Canada has a wide variety of lenders, and different policy’s depending on where you live. Although our society is great at advertising, financially we are still a little feudal.

HT Mortgage group is locally owned & invested in our community – check out our annual wine survivor we do each year to buy presents for Children in need in Grande Prairie. We are part of Grande Prairie’s Chamber of Commerce, and we are also proud members of the downtown association.

Find us conveniently located in downtown Grande Prairie.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Are you making an educated buying decision and getting professional unbiased advice from a local or are you trusting that someone in eastern Canada understands the Grande Prairie market just as well?

While a bank only offers a few choices, HT Mortgage Group sends millions of dollars in mortgage business with a variety of lenders, Type A, Type B, Private and commercial that only a mortgage brokerage can offer!  HT Mortgage Group offers our clients more choice, and access to hundreds of mortgage products! Let us shop relevant lenders for our Northern Alberta market for you! Choose a Grande Prairie Mortgage expert to find out what’s possible here in GP!


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