This is a 50/50 style draw, so how big the prizes are depends on the number or survivors who sign up! 50% of the proceeds go to Wine and of that 50% ->

First Prize – 50% of all the wine bought!

Second Prize – 25% of all the wine bought

Third Prize – 15% of all the wine bought

Consolation Prize – First Team kicked out gets 10% of all the Wine.

This year we had several bottles of wine donated by our mortgage brokers – they will be given away September 20th, October 7th, October 10th, October 18th, October 21st, October 24th and October 28th.

  • November 1st
  • November 1st
  • October 30th – I don’t Give a Cab.Sav won Third Place!
  • October 28th- Corinne Patterson of “How Merlot can you go? got a bottle of wine – but also got her team kicked out. Maybe it’s time to share the riches?
  • October 24th – Erin Kennedy of “Improves With Age” got a bottle of Pinot Noir! (And she was the last member of her team surviving)
  • October 21st – Samantha Way of “I don’t know you pick:)” won a bottle of Pinot Gris
  • October 18th –Jill Jewit from “DDJT” was the first person kicked out and won a bottle of Rosso Verona
  • October 16th – The very First Team kicked out won the consolation prize! A selection of 8 beautiful wines! Congrats to Vineyardium Leviosa!
  • October 10th – Darren Imler of “Drunk as Skunks” won a bottle of Pinot Noir!
  • October 7th -. Kyle Weegar of  “How Merlot can you go?” Won a bottle of Trapiche Reserve!
  • September 20th -We did an early bird draw on September 20th around 4pm. The winner of the Early Bird Draw Taylor Marchant of “I don’t give a Cab.Sav” got a bottle of Burrowing Owl Chardonnay!